writing a letter
Mateusz Piętka / 15.08.2021

Dear Student...

It’s over

I’m writing this message to you to let you know that there’s always someone who cares about you, your education, your life satisfaction etc. Those are your parents, friends, family members, teachers and people you may not know. I’d like to motivate you to get your things done since the very beginning, since I know your tendency to procrastinate.

I’m sorry to tell you, but... August is coming to the end. And we both know what happens in September. That’s right, the S word. But, speaking of SCHOOL, this is not your biggest enemy. You’re going to see your friends, learn new things. Try to focus on positive aspects. And, you’ll have your English classes again! If you ever ask yourself ‘Why should I learn English?’, just think of all the possibilities it gives.


You should...

I’m here to help you achieve the highest level possible of your linguistic skills. Moreover, I want you to pass the Matura exam with a score that satisfies you. Sometimes, satisfaction means more than 100%. If you’re interested sign up for a course with 3English and let’s start in early September. The earlier we start, the better the results!

I know, you’re trying hard not to think about things related to the S word. However, being an adult is about thinking in advance. That’s called responsibility. So, plan your next school year and find some time for extra English classes. You won’t regret it in the future; especially while enjoying benefits of speaking English fluently.

back to the classroom

Get back to your responsibilities

Regardless you’re back to school, university or work, it’s always the same difficult. But you always have our support! You’re never alone in this – we’re here to help you. You can follow the advice and sign up for some extra English classes – in Wrocław or on-line – and let us help you with some of your school responsibilities.
And then, while approaching summer holidays in 2022, you’ll be full of motivation and pride, knowing that ‘In 2021 I made some good decisions. I took care of my future’.

All the best,
YFT (decode it yourself)

PS. We’d like to encourage not only students, but everyone to start an adventure with 3English in 2021. Remember, you’re never disappointed when you invest in yourself. So, invest in your English skills!


Find in the text examples of the following structures:

  • Future Simple
  • Present Perfect
  • zero conditional
  • modal verbs
  • comparative (stopień wyższy przymiotnika)
  • superlative (stopień najwyższy przymiotnika)
  • conjunctions (spójniki)