Mateusz Piętka / 02.10.2022

Let’s make a team! #teamwork

Teamwork corporation style


Do you like working in a team? That is a typical question that can be asked during a job interview. If you want to get the job, you rather answer ‘Yes’. Working in a team is not only dividing tasks between team members, but also maintaining good relations with each other within a team. Thus, teamwork is a question of a specific style of work that requires hard and soft skills at once.


In any corporation, you are likely to form a team in your project. Surely, there are parts for individuals as well; however, you belong to a group of professionals who help each other reach their targets and meet the deadlines. Teamwork is good for entry-level employees who still acknowledge the processes of a company and need someone to supervise their probation or first months of work.


A team leader is someone, who is responsible for guiding the team in the right direction. Usually, it is a person with the biggest experience and the highest motivation to do the job. Regardless you’re a regular team member or a leader – you should get on with the other members – you’re playing in the same team.


Teams in sports


Life is not only about work. After work, you probably spend some time doing your hobby. It can be something related to art, computers or sports. Sports, just as work, can be individual or played in a team. Again, teams have their own rules you should follow while belonging to one. You have to keep in mind that a team is based on a certain number of individuals, who should forget about their individual goals – they become a successful team only if they bring to the team their best qualities.


If we consider football, the world-class teams are the ones where the players understand each other with no words. They communicate non-verbally and literally swing though the stadium. The other teams, less successful, still try to figure out the way to create a bind between the players. One may say it’s the matter of talent and hard work. Well, in a Polish national team, there is a bunch of talented footballers, who definitely work hard for their individual results, yet they do not form a team on a football pitch.

football stadium

3English teams


Do you remember you can bring your friends to share your language adventure together? In 3English, we support groups up to 3 people (with slight exceptions) as we believe that the larger the group, the slower the progress.


Having classes in a team gives more opportunities to have a chat between the team members, especially if those are your real-life friends. However, if you’re OK with that, we can find someone to join your group.


Forming your team to have English classes together is a good option, when you don’t want to be in a centre of attention! In a team, the attention is paid to each member equally, so you always have support in your friends. If you don’t know some answer, they will be able to help you.


Also, a team-style option is more attractive financially, as the price is lower compared to individual classes. If that’s important to you, this argument should convince you to try it and sign up for a course!


PS. Solve the exercises placed below the photo and check the answers with your 3English teacher.

studying together

Exercise 1:

Provide definitions (in English) to the following phrases:

  • soft skills
  • meet the deadline
  • entry-level
  • to get on with sb
  • to keep in mind
  • world-class 
  • a bunch of
  • to sign up


Exercise 2:

In the text, find and mark examples of the following grammar structures:

  • Present Simple
  • Superlative of an adjective
  • Comparative of an adjective
  • A definite article
  • An indefinite article
  • A conjunction
  • Passive voice
  • Modal verb
  • Conditional sentence